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Privacy Policy

This page constitutes a summary of the Flyright Privacy Policy. For all details, please review the full Privacy Policy of Flyright, hosted on Iubenda.

Policy Summary

This Application collects some Personal Data from its Users. Among the types of Personal Data that this Application collects, by itself or through third parties, are: Cookies, Usage Data, country, email address, Approximate location permission (non-continuous), storage permission, SMS permission, Reminders permission, username and password. Key reasons for collection include:


Google Analytics and Analytics collected directly, including Cookies and Usage Data.

Contacting the User

Information collected via Contact form, including country and email address.

Mailing list or newsletter

Information collected via the Newsletter Sign-up form, including cookies, country, email address and Usage Data.

Device permissions for Personal Data access

Device permissions for Personal Data access include Approximate location permission (non-continuous), Reminders permission, SMS permission and Storage permission.

Hosting and backend infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) used for storage of various types of Data as specified in the Privacy Policy of the service.

Interaction with external social networks and platforms

Data related to the Facebook Like button and social widgets, Twitter Tweet button and social widgets, Reddit button and widgets and LinkedIn button and social widgets, including Cookies and Usage Data.

Registration and authentication

Direct registration of a user account, including country, email address, password and username.