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A new beginning for Flyright
September 23, 2018

If you’re reading this, welcome to the new Flyright website! If you’ve made it this far, its cause for celebration in our minds. While you’re here, lets catch up!

A quick (re)introduction

For many of you dear readers, this may be the first time you’ve seen or heard of Flyright. If that’s you, hello! We’re the makers of Flyright, the all-in-one travel companion that gives you visa, embassy and health information, metro maps, time zones, currency exchange rates and so much more. If it’s helpful, we like to think we’re building the travel operating system, or a platform where everything you need to go abroad is in one tidy place.

For everyone else, welcome back! Thank you for downloading the first version of Flyright. Despite it only supporting United States passport holders, so many of you around the world used the product anyway and told us to support your passport and add more features! We heard you, and as promised, we’ve been hard at work since last year redesigning and redeveloping everything from the ground up.

Founders in Singapore
Founders in front of MBS in Singapore

The nitty gritty

Okay great, so what’s new? So much has changed since our original launch in October 2017. The months after the Flyright MVP hit the App Store and shipped on Product Hunt, the app was downloaded 10k times and the web app received 100k hits. With that level of support and with liberal and frequent feedback from our growing community of users, we've spent the last 6 months working hard to bring you Flyright 2.0! Here’s what’s new:

Flyright now supports visa information for 194 passports

We know, it sounds crazy... because it is! We shipped the original version of Flyright with only US passport support as an experiment, but to be quite frank, the most excited users were not American. They were from places like Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, France, and Colombia. From our own travels, we know countries with smaller markets often aren’t addressed by fast-growing technology companies. We didn't want to follow that trend, because that's not us. Flyright’s built for everyone, regardless of what country you’re legally attached to. To that end, we now support basic visa information for passport holders from 194 countries around the world!

We’re now on Android

We've completely rebuilt the mobile app frontend and supporting infrastructure, and that hard work has paid off with truly cross-platform availability. The new Flyright app is published on the App Store and Google Play Store, and is only 38mb! From our experience living in places with limited internet connection and tighter data caps, we know that the 200mb+ apps that float around the stores are ridiculous. We built everything as lean as we could to make Flyright accessible to as many people around the world as possible.

New features & offline support

We’ve added new features, or Trip Cards as we fondly call them, such as health data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PDF maps for 90+ world metro systems, and time zone and currency exchange functionality. To boot, searches can now be saved for offline use, so even when you’re wandering around Beijing’s subway without an internet connection, you’ll always have a subway map.

194 Countries, 2300+ Cities

When Flyright began, we supported basic travel info for users only at the country level. But people don't travel like that. It's not "Germany to China", but "Berlin to Beijing", "São Paulo to New York City," etc. In light of that, we've worked hard to bring Flyright to the municipal level, supporting 2300+ global destinations for users to find general travel info about!

New brand, UI, illustrations and website

The Flyright brand was torn down and rebuilt from scratch, too. We’ve got a new logo, color palette, app UI and so much more. The beautiful illustrations you see when you first open the new Flyright app or land on the website are the work of a professional design studio in Singapore, Dream Giant Creative (thanks Don and FT, we love your work!). Lastly, this website you’re clicking through was lovingly crafted using Gatsby, Contentful and Netlify.

The road ahead

This was a big hurdle for us, and we’re extremely excited to finally share it with you all. We’re going to be posting more on our blog, shipping frequent app updates, and be more present on Product Hunt and Twitter. If you have and feedback or suggestions, please tweet at us @flyrightco!

Until next time, travel safely friends 👋

Thanks for checking out Flyright! Feel free to pass this to a friend if you like it 💜