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Goodbye startup grind, hello open source
April 27, 2020

After much time and consideration during which we took a step back from the project, we’ve decided to wind down Flyright, the company, and transition to Flyright, the open source project.

We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we’re humbled by everyone’s dedicated involvement in the project. To all the wonderful people we’ve worked with and who have supported us on this journey, thank you. A thousand times, thank you.

The project continues

With the end of our ambitions as a closed enterprise, we’ve decided to gradually open source everything we’ve worked on so far, starting with the Flyright website. Looking back at the state of our code with fresher, hopefully wiser, eyes has been uncomfortable, but at the core of it all we still see an idea worth pursuing.

On a more personal note, transitioning Flyright into an open source project — successfully or not — will help us find closure for a project we’ve spent a significant portion of our professional lives building, nurturing, and, now, transitioning into a new phase of its existence. For us, this is a necessary step towards reviving the spirit and energy of Flyright when we first started. And with no timelines and an infinite horizon, we’re free to tinker away as and when inspiration strikes.

If you’re interested in contributing or want to get involved in some other (probably fabulous) way, please do drop us an email.

There’s so much left for us to do.


Ben and Ty

Thanks for checking out Flyright! Feel free to pass this to a friend if you like it 💜